About Art Of Life Films

Art of Life Films was started by Producer Madelon Veldhuizen and Writer/Director Christianne van Wijk in 2009.
They have recently successfully completed the feature film ‘The Scandalous Four’ and have won 4 major awards in The London Independent Film Festival and the Los Angeles Movie Awards.


Christianne van Wijk
The aim of Art of Life Films is to tell stories through fiction and documentaries that tickle the viewer into a state of wonder and curiosity. An invitation to explore and question who and what we are and why we are here on this spectacular planet and magnificent universe.
We are living in extraordinary times of change while we move into a new paradigm where we can fully enjoy being human in its full potential. Our inspiration is to make films that can assist people in the awakening process. We try to do this with an open heart and humility while not forgetting the importance of sheer entertainment.

About Us

We work with a pool of talented crew on productions that tickle the mind and spirit into a state of wonder and curiosity. Kindred spirits that are openminded and working from the heart – without compromise.